lovelylacing (lovelylacing) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: bonnet, BABY Elizabeth OP, RHS/ DS: Headdress

 Here is my feedback page
 I'm looking for a white, pink, or baby blue half bonnet. Price preferably under $20 but depends on if it's brand or not. Condition doesn't matter.  FOUND

Also really looking for the the Elizabeth OP from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright in red or white but I will look at other colors. I will also look at replica's but I will not pay  more than $30 for a replica of it. 

(picture from

I am also looking for some Rocking Horse Shoes with REAL WOOD. Will look at ALL COLORS. US size 7 or 7 1/2. Suggest a price and we can negotiate.

Direct Sale:

I have two of these and I just don't like them very much. Bought from someone in a different community.
II'd like to sell it for $7 plus shipping. Or both for $12 plus shipping. Or trade these for bonnet/ partial payment for either item.

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, !wtc, baby the stars shine bright, double decker, handmade, offbrand
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