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DS : Brand & non-brand.

Rules, etc.
1. I am located in Atlanta, GA, USA. My friend is located in CA, USA.
2. Shipping is included ONLY FOR US CUSTOMERS. International buyers, please inquire.
3. Paypal fees are included in the price.
4. I reserve the right to refuse sales and/or shipping on my terms. I will not sell if you have even one negative feedback. No returns. We are not responsible for lost items (although I've never had a problem with it).
5. The first person to leave his/her PayPal address will get the item.
6. At this moment, I am not considering trades.
7. I do not smoke or live in a smoking house. I do not own any pets (and no pets of any sort come near my closet). My friend does own pets, but they are not allowed near her closet.
8. No items are "perfect," so please do not buy if you're expecting completely flawless things.
9. As I work about 12-14 hours a day during the weekday, please give me at least a week to ship your items. If it's very urgent, please do let me know when you purchase/make your offer. Thank you!
10. Atlanta local pick-up, please inquire through PM. I go to a lot of the meet-ups and can bring the items then.


1. Innocent World Puppy OP (pink)
Condition: New, with a tag. Taken out of plastic once to put hanger in. Needs a loving home.
Measurements: 93cm length (skirt length: 55cm), 86~97cm bust, 63~72cm waist, 23cm sleeve length, 25~45cm cuff.
Asking price: 156 USD.


2. BABY 2010 scheduler

Condition: New. Never taken out of the plastic. Never got around to use it.
Asking price: 12 USD.

3. Metamorphose - Flower print LP set (BLACK) -- ON HOLD until Feb. 26th for etoilesama.

Condition: New, with tags. Includes bloomers & barette. Original price for set is 32370 yen.
Measurements: Amateur measurements: length ~ 90 cm, maybe about 94 cm max, 70 cm waist. Fully shirred back.
Asking price: 150 USD.

4. Metamorphose - LP bag (PINK GLITTER)

Condition: New, never taken out of the bag. Will be folded when shipped. This is the bag from the last LP (before the most recent one).
Asking price: 45 USD.

5. Innocent World - blouse (BLACK)
Sold at 45 USD shipped.

---- Items from my friend (she's not part of the community, but she would like to sell these. Please help her out!). ----------

1. Bodyline l191-green-mx
Sold at 43 USD + EMS shipping.

2. Bodyline l147-pink-2L

Condition: Like new, worn once.
Measurements (from Bodyline): 65cm length, 70~78cm waist.
Asking price: 31 USD.

3. Bodyline g1278

Condition: New, with a tag. White underskirt not pictured but will be included.
Measurements (from Bodyline): 56cm length, 64~74cm waist.
Asking price: 31 USD.

My feedback: EGLFB
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, innocent world, metamorphose
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