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!DS Two F+F Blouses, Petticoat Bloomers, Skirt, Bodyline Skirt, and etc

*I accept Paypal only
*I ship from Massachusetts, USA.
*Items come from a smoke free and pet free environment.
* Trades are welcome
*I'd rather sell only to those in America (as I am a new seller,) but I will make exceptions for oversea buyers. Please state your location so I can calculate how much the shipping will be and I'll figure it out.
FEEDBACK: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1117552.html

The notecard and the rose are my proof :3

Black F+F Shirring Blouse SOLD

Back | Damage 1 | Damage 2| Damage 3
The sleeves of this blouse can be tightened and loosened by the string on the front. It is made of a very soft feeling material, and is by no means see-through. Unfortunately, there are discolorations in the armpit area, but they should not be noticeable at all when worn. There is a little white spot on the back of the blouse that isn't very noticeable at all. Worn about 2 times.

Measurements according to F+F: Length - 49cm/19.3in | Bust - 70-82 cm/28-32in

$25 Including shipping (to the US)

F+F Classical Lolita Bias Skirt SOLD

Comes with a white detachable bow. It's made out of a soft material, although it is rather heavy. Worn about 4 times, but it’s in excellent condition.

Measurements according to F+F: Length – 57 cm/22.4in | Waist – 31cm/12.2in
It says that it is suitable for people whose waist is no bigger than 62cm/24.4in

$45 Including Shipping (to the US)

F+F White Petticoat Bloomers SOLD

Made with white cotton and white chiffon. Has an elastic waist that can stretch pretty far, but I don’t recommend trying to stretch it any further than the given measurements, as it will be rather uncomfortable. In very good condition. Worn about twice.

Measurements according to F+F: Length – 48cm/19.3in | Waist: 52-80cm/20-31in | Hip Circ. – 130cm/51in

$30 Including shipping (to the US)

F+F White Blouse SOLD

Back | Closeup | Bow Tie
Measurements: Bust – 32 in | Waist – 25 in | Length – 23 ½ in | Sleeve Length – 24 ½ in
Worn about 2 or 3 times. The lace on the sleeves and collar is very soft and not itchy at all. I apologize that my measurements may be slightly off. I believe that the waist can be an inch or so bigger, but I was having trouble loosening the tie on the back. This blouse is much better suited for someone with skinnier arms. The elastic in the sleeves may be uncomfortable for those who have bigger arms

$25 Including Shipping (to the US)

Bodyline Pink Polka-Dot Skirt SOLD

Back | Close-up | Close-up of Bow
Worn twice, but in good condition. It’s made out of a rather heavy material, and comes with a detachable bow. Also the color is a little bit different from my pictures. I couldn’t seem to get a good picture of its real color, but it’s basically standard bodyline pink.

Measurements according to Bodyline: Length – 56cm | Waist – 64-74cm

$15 Including Shipping (to the US)

F+F Pink Headdress

Measurements: Length – 31 cm | Width – 12cm
$8 Including Shipping (to the US)

F+F Pink Bunny Bag SOLD

$15 Including Shipping (to the US)
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