sherbertsugar (sherbertsugar) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy set

Hello everyone!

I'm looking to sell or trade a beautiful AP JSK and headbow. I'm sorry to let this go, it was a gift from an ex-boyfriend but he ended up really hurting me so I'd rather let it go to somebody who won't have those negatie associations.


Print Close-up:


Both pieces are in perfect condition and have never been worn by me. I'm not sure if they were bought second hand and have been worn by their previous owner, but there are no flaws in the condition whatsoever from what I can see.
There is a shirring panel in the back, so I imagine it the fit is similar to standard AP sizing.

I'm looking to get £160 + shipping for this (About $260 USD)
I'm also open to trades, mostly for other printed JSKs, but if anyone has BtSSB's pockets embroidery JSK then that would be beyond amazing. Also, if anyone has the skirt version of Miracle Candy and wants to do a partial trade, I'd be very interested.

My feedback is here:

Thanks for looking :)

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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