bee_scuit (bee_scuit) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/ DS : AP frill marine jsk pink

Here is my feedback :

Hey ! I'd like to trade this jsk for the dark blue version (OP or jsk, I like both of them :P)
It's in very good condition even if I'm not the first owner !
If there's no offers I'd probably sell it for about 110€ shipping included if it's in Europe !
I really like it but I feel like that color doesn't fit me ;__; I don't feel good with it and I really would like the dark blue one cause it's my favourite color of this model !

Here is mine :

details pics :
worn :

Here are the ones i'd like to trade with :

I'm also looking for Happy garden blue jsk :)
But I'm not going to buy anything ! I just want to trade my frill marine jsk !

If you have something else (Only AP !), feel free to propose me but I'll consider your proposition if nothing of what I want comes :)

Thanks for looking !
Tags: !dt, angelic pretty
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