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DS: Handmade, AFC with fabric samples

Hi!  I am new to the comm, but recently came into a lot of cute fabric prints.  The ones shown are already complete, but I am willing to take commissions if you are interested and would like it in another size or different fabric.  Also, if you have something in mind you would like made, I will be happy to work with you (please pm me if you would like additional samples of my work. I will be happy to provide them).

My feedback is here: egl comm feedback  There is no positive or negative as I am brand new, but please check my ebay feedback as well if you're interested!

All products are made from out-of-print fabrics from Daisy Kingdom.  Lace and fabrics are 100% cotton. 

Shipping (with tracking) within the U.S. is included in price. For international shipping, please check standard rates from UT, USA 84054.  I will be happy to send photo of shipping receipt for overseas buyers to assure items are sent.  Payment is accepted as Paypal gift, or I can send you a Paypal invoice.

Items will go to the first buyer to send and complete exchange paypal information.

$40 - Flouncy skirts.  
I have two brand new, already made and ready with the pink pattern.  The waist measures 32" for the first print, 34" for the second print(with hearts between). The length is 22 inches.  All skirts or aprons come with your choice of matching tote bag (fully lined and measures approx 14 x 14) or matching bow/headband.

Here is the second pattern (slightly different) with matching tote.  Both pink skirts have matching totes already made, but I do have enough fabric left to make a bow if you'd prefer. (If you would like both a bow and matching tote, it is an additional $8)

$65 - Criss-cross aprons. 
Last is a cute apron I made from scratch.  This one is limited as I used all the fabric I had on hand to make this and it is no longer in print.  It ties in the back and can easily be adjusted for sizes S to XL.  It comes with a matching bow.

Pictured below are other holiday fabrics I have on hand.  If you like the skirts or apron, but would prefer one of these prints, I will be happy to do that instead and tailor it to your measurements for the same asking prices listed above.  If you would like a more complete listing of fabrics (non holiday) please pm me and I can send you the images so as not to spam this post.

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