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DS : AP heart pocket, BTSSB sugar rose cake, and others

-I ship from Quebec, Canada
-Shipping is included in the price, BUT I may ask a little more depending where you live, as shipping prices at certain places are just ridiculous O_o. Feel free to make offers if you don't like my prices.
-Package will be shipped with tracking number
-Paypal only
-No returns
-First to leave pp gets the item.
-I am not interested in trades at this time, as I need money. MAYBE for some AATP I'd be willing to trade but I don't think so.
-Item will be shipped in max. 2 days after the payment. If I can't ship for any reason, I will write you a message to tell you when it will be shipped.

My feedback can be found here (I don't have much feedback because I'm fairly new to EGL and I'm usually buying instead of selling) :

This is my first EGL post so, mods, don't be shy to tell me if there's something wrong with my post and I'll do my best to fix it, in all my noobness, haha.

So let's get started!

White tights. They may look dirty but it's just the lighting, they have been washed.
Condition : perfect, only tried on.
Size : S-M. They are too small for me. I would recommend them to people under 5.4 feet and with smaller thighs.
Price : 10$ shipped.

BABY/AATP winter 2010 catalogue.
Price : 10$ shipped 

4 pink hair extensions
Condition : new, never worn
Price : 10$ shipped

Bodyline petticoat
Condition : Good but worn a couple of times. To be honest it is not really poofy and you should probably wear it with another petticoat.
Size : Elastic waistband so it has lots of room :)
Price : 25$ shipped.

Red shoes. Breaks my heart to sell them but I just can't walk with these!
Condition : Good, but there is one scuff on the right one. I worn them like... 3 times.
Size : European 39 (I usually wear 8, 8.5)
Price : 75$ shipped

The scuff

Angelic Pretty heart pocket dress. This is a great dress for a beginner. It was my first brand dress but I find it too short on me.
Condition : Good, I bought it from clothing-drop and they said it had a bit of discoloration but I've never seen anything like that. The only thing that bothers me is the lace... it's not sewed on the dress so sometimes it seems it can't stay in place haha. But it came like that. I've worn it 4 times max.
Size : Flat measurements : Lenght : 89cm. Bust : Around 41cm. Waist : 35cm. I'm not really good at taking measurments, but if it helps you, my measurments are : bust 87cm, waist 76cm and there's a little more room because of the shirring :)
Price : 105$ shipped

The lace

BABY, the stars shine bright Sugar rose cake jsk in sax
Condition : Good, no flaws, and I've worn it 3 times.
Size : It seems I can't find the measurements so here's flat measurments : Lenght : 89cm. High waist : 35cm. Bust : Around 38cm. I'm not really good at taking measurments, but if it helps you, my measurments are : bust 87cm, waist 76cm. There's a little more room at the bust (even if there's no shirring) but the waist... well let's say I don't want to gain some weight ahah
Price : 245$ shipped

The print

Thank you and don't be shy if you have questions :)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand

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