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DS: Pink/Lavender Wig&Pigtails, Meta Socks,AP Vanilla Neko, Milky Planet, Bodyline OTKs, Reductions


Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal"


Prices include shipping to the US & I always use delivery confirmation and ship within 1-2 days unless otherwise noted. US buyers have priority.
(2) I may do a hold  with a deposit sent as a personal payment, or offer a payment plan. Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.
(3) International buyers, I ship First class with registered mail service for tracking or EMS. I can ship first class international w/o tracking if you pay with a personal payment and understand that I won't be responsible if it does not reach you. If you like, I'll send you a photo of the receipt from the post office as proof of shipment if you ask for it. If I invoice you, I ship registered mail/EMS
(4). I offer at least 1 hour to send payment. If you have 30+ feedback, you have 6 hours. After this period, if there is another offer, it becomes available to whoever sends payment first.
(5) If I happen to receive a higher offer than what was previously given, I will take it

Angelic Pretty Vanilla Neko Skirt in Lavender, New & unworn._________________________________________________

$232 Shipped & Tracked. Fits up to a 28 inch waist. New and unworn, PENDING PAYMENT.

Pink/Lavender Blend Wig with Clip on Pigtails______________________________


65 Shipped Best quality I've ever seen in a wig. It's so soft and silky. New and unworn. This is a base wig and 2 clip ons

Bodyline Pink Shirred Blouse_________________________________________________________________________

30 Shipped. New and unworn SOLD

Bodyline Pink Blouse with White Ribbon _______________________________________________________________

$30 Shipped. New & Unworn. 34-36 inch bust

Milky Planet Tiered Mini In Pink________________________________________________________________________

$175 $155 Shipped in the US. Fits a wide range of sizes due to the strip of elastic AP put in the waist. You can pull it out and attach it to the inside button via these little holes in it. It sits low on the waist. So under your belly button, is about where it sits and it's 28 inches.

$10 $6 shipped Bow hair ties/bracelets. I made these myself and am pretty impressed with how neatly they turned out.

Bowtie Pins. $13 $10shipped each They are clean, sturdy and the ends of the ribbons are sealed to prevent fraying. They are absolutely irresistible. You won't be disappointed.

Meta Jewel Butterfly Socks______________________________________________________________________

22 Shipped & tracked. New & Unworn, tried on.

Bodyline Blue OTK Socks____________________________________________________________________________

$9 Shipped. In great condition. Only worn once. SOLD
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