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WTB: Classic style Bonnet and silk flower hair corsage


I am looking to buy a maroon and or white classic style bonnet, and a matching silk flower hair corsage.  Any other matching hair band I would also love to look at.

I love big style bonnets, with lots of detail, but even a simple bonnet would be lovely.  Same goes for hair corsages. The fancier the better!

I am not looking to have a bonnet made for me at this time.
I am also not looking for a brand bonnet, but will consider if I think the price is reasonable. I would prefer a taobao brand bonnet, other well made offbrand bonnet or handmade bonnet.

When offering an item, please provide clear pictures of the item with proof of ownership, and your feedback please!
I reserve the right not to buy from someone with negative feedback.

My feedback can be found here

They would need to match this color jsk (picture is true to color)

Some examples of styles I like (I am not looking to buy these items)

Thank you in advance!

I still have some wonderful items for trade and for sale at great prices:
Tags: !wtb, any brand, dear celine, handmade, hmhm, indie brand, infanta, offbrand, r-series, rose melody
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