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WTB! Bodyline,Angelic pretty and chocomint

Hello again!
Another wtb! In my last wtb! i found one of the things i really wanted;D.
But since my closet isn't that full yet i'm still interested in buying more prints:)
But this time not only from AP but also other brands!
For the more expensive items i would love to do a payment plan.
I can pay within one month.
As for the reason i'm not buying things off the official bodyline site is because we in the netherlands ALWAYS get really high customs with bodyline packages:(
and i dont wanna pay like 50-150 euros on customs..
Please say your price including shipping to the netherlands.
I will not buy if someone has negative feedback..
and please don't be shocked of my hugeee wishlist xD(i seriously have an obsession for cute things:'))

Feedback can be found:
thank you:D!

Bodyline(everything in a M size):

petticoats like these (i want these 2 colors the most, i already have the sax one)

I'm also looking for some pink,sax or white bodyline shoes in size 26:)
and a bodyline cardigan (they are sold out on the website)


You can also offer me other chocomint stuff! Since i'm collecting these lovely items:)!
I dont like everything so i'm sorry if i'll have to pass!

Powder rose jsk or skirt in white or yellow (jsk only in yellow!)

Star Night Theater strapless jsk in blue or black

Angelic pretty beret:

Milky planet headbow in black:

You can offer me other prints if you like!
I also like:
Angelic Pretty:
Memorial cake in white,pink or sax
Merry making party OP or skirt only in white or navy
Wonder Party jsk or skirt in sax or sax x pink
Holy night story Op, jsk or skirt in red or white (pink)
Milky planet OP in blue,yellow or pink
Milky berry jsk in pink or mint
Jewelry jelly op or jsk in pink or black

Wigs (prefer split wig or just cute wigs)
Sweet Lolita boots size 26 like these:

!!!I also have a Melty chocolate jsk for trades!!!!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, bodyline, chocomint
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