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Looking for seller 10sugars. (Found her now ^^)

Hey everybody.

I bought the blackxgold divine cross headdress from 10sugars through the Moitié comm.
I had very good contact with her whilst I was waiting for my money to be transferred to my paypal account, and even before payment she said she could send it out the next thursday if payment was recieved.

I paid her the 15th, which was a saterday. The next thursday was the 20th.
I told her I paid her invoice on the 15th, and I never heard from her since.

Here's a more accurate timeline: 
Jan 11:  I asked her about the headdress, through this post:
Jan 15: I paid her invoice, and let her know. (after that message the communication stopped completely)
Jan 23: I asked her if she had send out the headdress already, again, in that sales post.
Jan 28: I asked her again if the headdress had been send out. This time though PM.

I still don't have a reply from her, and that's why I made this post.

I also contacted another buyer, x119, who bought the divine cross velveteen blackxgold dress from this seller, through this post on the sales comm:

She never heard from this seller anymore either, after payment was cleared.
I asked her for a timelime, and she happily gave it to me: (I copied this from her PM to me)

Jan 7: I commented on her DA post saying that I would be interested in just the dress if no one bid on the auction. She told be she would get back to me if no one did.

Jan 9: She told me that no one had bid on the auction and she would sell me the dress. I told her I had to send her an echeck since I was having problems with my bank.

Jan 10: She replied to me that echecks were okay, and she sent me the invoice. I had to wait until the next day to start the transfer, since I had to work out issues at the bank.

Jan 11: I started the echeck transfer.

Jan 12: She replied to me and said she would let me know when the payment cleared and that she would ship the dress out sometime
within the next week so that I would receive it before the end of the month.

Jan 20: My payment cleared. I waited for four days and didn't get a reply from her about whether or not she had received my payment or shipped the dress.

Jan 24: I left her a comment on her post asking about the dress. I noticed that someone else had also left a comment there on the same day asking about her item, so I just kept an eye on the post for a reply, but none ever came.

Also, I noticed she had changed her DA post, and wrote: Dress and Headdress have been SOLD to two buyers! Thank You! :D
So I do believe, she could've contacted us then too, even though I don't know when she added that.

I hope we can contact 10sugars this way, or maybe someone else can contact her for us. She has 18+ feedback, and everyone wrote they had good communication and that this seller is a pleasure to deal with, so we both hope she is allright, but also, that she contacts us soon.

I hope this gets solved soon. Thanks in advance for reading, and helping :)

[Edit]: I just heard from my friend that the headdress just arrived today. I hope that x119's dress will arrive soon to. I'll contact her now too.

[Edit 2]: commenter and buyer ba2012 is also hoping to get in touch with this seller. She stopped responding to her after the 20th.

[Edit 3]: 10sugars just replied to this post, and I hope everything will work out for the other two buyers too, but I believe her, as she said she send out all the items, and mine got here yesterday.
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