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DT: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly OP

Feedback --->

I just got the Jewelry Jelly OP in lavender, and I don't really like the way the OP fits, so I'd prefer to trade it for the JSK in the same colorway, if not for one of the other prints I have listed at the bottom of the page :)


Stock Picture

My Proof Pic (with headbow and socks)

Close up of print

Like I said, I would prefer to trade this for the JSK with full back shirring (in lavender, maybe mint or pink) or for any of these prints
Dreamy Dollhouse Switch JSK in any color(full back shirring)
Merry Making Party JSK or OP in any color but black
Cherry Berry Bunny JSK with full back shirring in any color
Milky of the Fawn Ribbon JSK in any color

If I'm trading for any of these prints listed above that aren't jewelry jelly, I'm willing to include the socks and headbow in the trade :)

Any other questions? feel free to PM me~
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