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F+F and bodyline JSK and rabbit hat

My EGL feedback:

F+F rose JSK
(plus size friendly)
Asked price: 85$ shipping included to Canada and US, please ask for international.

I thought I had sold this JSK but when the girl at my local comm tried it on it was too large for her so I still have it and it is too large for me too. I ordered a size larger on the bust to be sure it would fit but it was a really bad idea. My mom tightened the bust by cutting a bit of the top elastic but it is still too large and she can't tighten it anymore. The tailor job was nicely done and it doesn't show. Of course there is only one of the 3 elastics that is tightened so only the upper bust is thighter than the original size from F+F.

Stock pictures

My pictures


The measurements, including my mother's modification to the top elastic are the following:
Bust - 40 to 43 inches (my mom cut 1 inch of the original)
Waist - 33 to 37 inches

I honestly think it can go a bit larger, so if wanted I can measure it myself to see if it can really go higher. This dress is new and has only been tried on twice. No stains or rips.

Bodyline JSK
Asked price: 40$ shipping included to Canada and US, please ask for international.

I've worn this one around 4-5 times. The waist bow comes with it, I removed it to wash the dress and forgot to put it back in place when I took the pictures. It comes with an underskirt. Both were washed and are ready to quit my wardrobe. There are no rips or stains.
I removed the lace at the back because it was hard to lace by myself and it was of a cheap quality. I don't remember where it is, but you can easily replace it by a better one that you can buy in stores.

Stock picture

My pictures

Back center of length 35.43in
Bust 34.65-38.58in
Waist 29.13-37.01in (I would suggest less than 37)

Length 22.44in
Waist 25.20-39.37in

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