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DS Bodyline Dress and my Etsy

I only use Paypal.
I ship from AR, USA 72704.
Prices are in USD.
If you would like shipping quotes, please give me your zip code or country.
Feel free to haggle, but please don't be offended if I turn you down.


For reference:
My height: 5'6''
Bust: 38 inches
Waist 35 inches

Length 67-104cm
Bust 94-100
Waist 78-94cm
Shoulder width 38cm
Sleeve length 62cm
Length 65cm
Waist 72-92cm


(Don't mind the bow, lol. My boyfriend tied it and has no idea how to tie bows :P)

This hat is meant to be tied around your head, however, it isn't very strong so it bends when you tie it. I would recommend gluing clips to the bottom of the hat to get it to stay up.

This is the only defect that I am aware on this dress. If you look at the dress on the Bodyline website, you can actually tell that this is how they all are.

I absolutely love this dress. It's my favorite lolita purchase to date to be honest. It's just not very practical for me. I would probably wear this thing all the time if I didn't live in AR, the land of the prejudice. :(

And here is my Etsy. I am constantly adding new things (I have like thirty different bows that I need to upload at some point). Please check it out!


Shoes and petticoat here:

Bustier here:

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