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Black Bodyline Princess skirt (AP replica)

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  • Shipping is NOT included in the price, please give me your zipcode and state and I will estimate it for you.
  • US buyers will get priority, but International are welcome.
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  • I live with two cats, be aware of this if you are severely allergic.
  • I ship within a week's time, unless I notify you otherwise. Please be sure to let me know if you need something by a particular date, and I will try to get your package sent out in time!

1. Bodyline Black Princess Skirt $24

I bought this skirt on the sales_comm awhile back. It is in great condition, no fading to the black and no stains or damage. I wore it once for a few hours to class, and other than that it's sat in my closet with my other lolita things. Selling because I really just can't wear black and white, it looks strange and I hate to see it sit there not being used. I've figured out I'm just too fond of solid black. :P  It did not come with the bow when I bought it, but it does include the waist ties. It has a zipper and clips to close at the waist.
Skirt is fully lined and has a built-in petticoat (but will need a little more poof for the best silhouette.
Waist: 26"-28" comfortably (Can go to 30" MAX)

Hips: Free
Length: 22"

Tags: !ds, bodyline
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