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DS: btssb $100!!!! and chocomint essesory!

Feedback here:
If you would like to buy this the sellar takes paypal fees
**tracking costs extra
**no refunds and I am not responsible once it is shipped off.
** Shipping not included. It is a heavy dress so keep that in mind when asking about shipping especially if not in the US.
I would like to ship it out tomorrow because I already need to go to the post office.

$100 with out shipping SOLD

It has only been worn once but is two big in the bust for me :(
NO SHIRRING => waist- 27 bust-37 (max measurements) It would best fit a little under those measurements and has a little give with the lacing.
Hello Lace says 34" bust and 27" waist but I disagree with the bust measurements.

This dress is truly beautiful but has very specific measurements because it does not have shirring so if interested please ask me. I have lowered the prise a lot because of its messurments it has been hard to sell so please dont ask me to lower it any more.

This is I believe chocomint and has never even been tried on. I got it as a prize and it just is not my style. $10 shipped anywhere within the US. SOLD

Detail shot

The back
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The whole thing. Proff is my purkiura in the background!
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