Kitteh (captainmeow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB; Swimmer, bunny ear muffs.

Hello! I am trying to find a pair of Swimmer, bunny ear muffs in white. I know they are hard to find, as it seems that everyone wants them~ If you are selling a pair, even if its not the white color I'd like, I'll take it. And I am ONLY looking for these ear muffs, not anything else sorry! Please be reasonable with pricing as well~ Lastly, I am in NYC, if we can do a face trade, then I'd be more then happy to. Otherwise, I'd like to buy within the U.S, but international would be fine too.

Here is my feedback~ If you want to see more feedback, then I'll gladly show you from other sites~

Picture is from prettygraffitti ! I didnt ask permission for it, but if she wants me to take it down, I'll gladly do so~
Tags: !wtb, swimmer
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