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Oh Cats!

DS: Quick Clear out! Many skirts, accessories, etc...

My Rules/ info
 -I Ship from New York  
-All prices in USD  
-I can ship international but please note it is often very expensive to ship from the US and I can only ship on weekends
-I am not particularly interested in trades at this time but I will look [I am picky- but right now I have an interest in brand cutsews]  
-Most Items do not include shipping unless stated otherwise [please leave zipcode for a shipping quote- default is first class]  
-I take Paypal and buyer is responsible for fees  
-I am a student and go to school so I will try to ship within 3 days of payment domestically [international see above]
-First to get the item is the first to leave their pp email
-I reserve the right to take highest offers before invoicing
-Feedback is here  
-I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages 
-If you back out after invoicing [especially without contact why it's taking longer], I must leave negative feedback
-I reserve the right to not sell because of bad feedback
-Any questions don't hesitate to ask =)

Black Knit Bolero
Close Up Knit
 $10 $6 OBO
 I received this as a gift to wear with lolita but it's way too small- I recommend this for a 32" bust or smaller.  It is new with tags and really cute.

Cake and Tea Parka-SOLD

Print  Back  With Faux Fur
$25 OBO
Purchased in Harajuku because it was rainy.  Only worn that one time.  Great for casual days! Faux fur is removable by a zipper..  

DOL Dreamy Dollhouse Skirt Replica SOLD
Lining  Print
$42 Shipped in US OBO
Worn once for 2 hours.  Includes detatchabe bow.  Waist ties are fixed.

Broken Chocomint Bracelet SOLD
$2 OBO
It's too big for my wrist and fell off the first time I wore it!  The music note broke off mostly.  I tried to take it off 100% and couldn't.  Maybe someone can cover it or fix it somewhat.  [i do not have the parts as I couldn't find them]

Handmade Barettes
$2.50 each OBO [black reduced from $4]

Brand Ribbons- SOLD
Make an offer

Handmade AP Style Trump Bow- SOLD
Made with interfacing to keep its shape.  Checker trump fabric is from Japan.  On a covered headband.

Handmade Headress- Sold
$10 OBO 
Great for the old school theme!  Purchased from the artist section of a con in Japan.  Handmade by a Japanese lolita!  Great quality materials including metal buttons and fake pearls that I think are glass

Milky Chan ReplicaSOLD
$35 Shipped in US OBO 
Worn 2 times.  Missing Waist ties.

Assorted Jewelry
Catnapcaps Cupcake Necklace- $6  Great condition SOLD
Offbrand Flower Ring- $3  Never used, adjustable base
Star Cake pin- $2  From Japan, used once
Tokyolux Kitty Pin- $1.50  New, reminds me of some maina Q things  SOLD
All OBO^^

Large Offbrand Neckbow- PENDING
$4 OBO
Came with a blouse, I never use it though...

Tralala Pullover
$38 OBO  [purchased for 6000 yen]
I've worn it twice.  I really wanted to wear it over a pink tartan skirt, but I never ended up getting one.  It's a little on the longer side too..

Imai Kira Postcard- SOLD
$5 OBO
Purchased in a set of other postcards but I never hung it up.  

Pink Beret- SOLD

$8 OBO
I think it's wool but I am not 100% sure.  It's a little too bright [closer to hot pink than baby pink] for the coordinate I wanted to use it in...

Handmade Alice Cards Skirt Set- SOLD

Print LaceBackBowZipper
$34 OBO
I made this a while ago in Japan.  Because it was one of my first lolita skirts there are some mistakes in it and it is not prefect.  The zipper is not invisible because I couldn't find one [and I completely forgot of the idea of making a tab... durhh]  It is 22.5" long.   This price is around the cost of the materials but I will gladly accept offers.  

 Socks- All Sold

Alice- $8 From Japan, Knee High, only tried on PENDING
Gray Knit- -SOLD
Purple- $3 SOLD

All OBO^^

Regent Skulls Skirt SOLD
$40 OBO
Brand new and handmade by me from extra fabric.  It has a half elastic waistband and is fully lined with all seams finished.  This skirt is shorter than most at 19" long [about 2" shorter than the average brand skirt I think] so it can be worn with an underskirt or by itself for shorter girls.

Medium Headbows- Both Sold
$7.50 each
Not attached to headband for sliding ability.  Headband is covered with the same fabric!

White x White- SOLD
White x Black- SOLD

Swimmer Snow White earrings
$7.50 OBO
New! I purchased these from the swimmer store but never wore them.  They're adorable though!

Offbrand frill turtleneck
$8 OBO
Purchased in Japan to wear under JSKs on Casual days... but I've never worn it!  It has cute frills and lace at the neck, sleeves, and hem!

Altered Earmuffs- PENDING
$8 OBO
I altered these for a coord but I've only worn them once.  I'm more of a hat person... Hopefully an earmuff person will use these more!

Greenish Blue Lace
on white for color
$2 OBO
Extra from a project.  1yd 20in

White Lace
$2 OBO
2yd 25in.

Thanks for looking!
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