usakumyah (usakumyah) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BTSSB and Cornet

-my feedback are here:
-prices are in Euro
-shipping is not included. Ask me for the total price!
-trades are welcome! Just know that I prefer jsks and I usually wear sweet lolita clothes!
-I accept only Paypal as payment method

Friend Usakumya Lillian Skirt  BTSSB

price: 100 euro
color: pink
condition: perfect! I used it just once!

Waist: max 75cm
Lenght: 50cm

Princess Shirring Jsk BTSSB

price: 130euro
color: lillac
condition: I bought it in Japan at Closet Child but it's perfect! 

Here you can see me wearing the jsk: (sorry for my ugly face T_T)
Size: M 

Tartan Jsk Cornet

price: 100euro
condition: perfect!

Bust: max 92cm
Waist: max 75cm
Lenght: 89cm


Sorry for my english! (italian schools suck T_T)
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, coronet
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