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WTB!: Socks! (US sellers preferred but not necessary)

-My EGL feedback can be found HERE.
-My preferred payment method is via credit card with Paypal, which means that no international sellers for now (it's for shipping reasons, too).
-If you're an international seller, and have something I'd like that you really want to get off of your hands, still feel free to leave a comment, but know that it might be a while before I can actually pay for the item. I won't ask you to do holds, but please don't post if you need your sale to be immediate (ie, you need the money ASAP).
-I'm on a budget, so the cheaper you can go for an item, the better. I'm listing MAX pricing for the items I want below, so don't bother posting if your item is out of my budget range (sorry! ;__;).
-My max prices are without shipping, BTW, so don't be scared off if they seem freakishly low. I know that shipping varies from person to person, so I'm willing to let you drop your own shipping price. ♥

Okay, on to the stuffs!

I'd Like To Buy:

-a white petticoat from any manufacturer; whether it be brand, off-brand, or homemade, for $60 or under. I'm biased towards either Candy Violet's lace or fluffy petticoat, but will look at pettis from all brands if they'll fit. The petti should be in good, wearable condition (obviously), and should be able to sustain a decent amount of poof even when underneath a light coat/medium-weight skirt. I don't care if it's lined or unlined, as I have a set of bloomers coming in the mail, but it should sit no longer than 45cm/~18in at the natural waist (ie, when worn). That's a little above knee-length for me, so I can't go any longer. I can probably do a few cm shorter, but definitely no longer. It should also be able to fit a 86cm/~34in waist. I'd like a petti that gives a good cupcake shape, as opposed to A-line, but I'll consider all offers. For this, I'm looking to spend no more than $60 US. (Plus shipping!) Commissioned from ririnhime!

-some socks, whether they be brand or off-brand, knee-high or over-the-knee, and with prints or no. I love lace-topped socks, but they're not a necessity. Knee-highs should be able to fit a 42cm/~17in circumference calf comfortably (that is, that's the widest part of my calf), preferably without stretching the print in some wonky way. Over-the-knees should be able to fit a 46cm/~18 circumference thigh comfortably (measured at about where the socks would sit, not at the widest part of my thigh). They should be between 38cm/~15in to 51cm/~20in high from the heel up. For socks, I'm looking to spend no more than $10 per pair (maybe a bit more if they're brand). My favorite colors are white, pink, and sax, but I'll look at others.

-a headdress, preferably all white though I'll look at other colorways as long as they're sweet. I'm actually not terribly picky on this, as long as it's cute, is comfortable, and isn't made of cheap lace/super shiny satin ribbon. I'll also look at headbows, though be warned that I'm super picky about those, so odds are I might not like what you post. Headdresses should be able to tie around a 71cm/~28in circumference head, or have hair clips (doesn't matter what kind). For this, I'm looking to spend no more than $30 US (plus shipping). Got plenty for now; thanks guys!

I think that's it! :) Sorry for going crazy with the measurements, but this stuff is expensive and I just definitely want to make sure that it'll fit. I'm a bit on the bigger side (86cm waist! ;___;), so it's hard to find Lolita stuff that's in my size. Thanks for accommodating me, and I hope to plunk lots of money down to you guys soon! ♥
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