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DS: 50 cent bows WHAT MADNESS! New shop Items!

Hey guys! Zammap is back with more cute stuff for the budget Lolita!

Etsy Feed back 100% pos.


Click anytime on image to link to sale page!!!
Prices and more info on sale page

This new update has a lot of gothic style.

First new at Zammap's Pretty little things are these striped Wire bows! These are nice big and puffy. $1 and $1.25!!!

Next we have these Ink butterfly Bows.  Price range .50 cents to .75 center !! CRAZY!!

Next we have simple cute Polka Dot Bows, These are all $1 each!!

Next we have the return of my most popular Gray and Black Net Bow! Only 5 in stock though!

We still have some of last week's Royal Blue Bows. Price range .75 cents to $1!!

I also have a wired Gothic bow. It's small and so dark! It's cute!

I also have a ring.

Chocolate Biscuit!

It also comes in a new colour! It's a Pale Blue with Green Lining.

With one new style

More to come soon! As well as re-uploads of old stuff.

Zammap's Pretty little Things
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