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!DS Gothic Lolita Bible Vol 18, Long black Kanekalon wig, Hello Kitty headband

Hey guys!~
Marked down for quick sale, I desperately need to purchase art supplies for a class ASAP. :[

EGL Sales Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/619204.html

- I accept PAYPAL only. First to respond with a PP address, etc. etc.
- Buyer is responsible for S&H charge. Prices do not include shipping.
- Items are shipped PRIORITY in the United States with tracking.
- Contact me for international shipping.
- Payment must be made after 24 hours of committing to purchase.
- Prices are USD.

proof thingy.

I apologize if my photos aren't the best, I sold my D40 and had to use my crappy pos camera.

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol 18 - $12
Minimal wear on the back cover from my bookshelf, nothing too wonky.

Official Sanrio Hello Kitty headband - $12
Sorry about the picture, it was getting dark - lot cuter in person. Plush, with a red satin band. Soft and comfortable. Has an official tag on the back. Purchased in SF at the Sanrio store.

Long black straight Kanekalon high quality wig - $30 SOLD
Retailed for $60. Worn once. Very high quality, you can style it with minimal heat if desired. Sorry I didn't include my proof with this one, just my poor, poked-to-death wig head, rofl.

Thanks for looking~ <3
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