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DS: Angelic Pretty Wonder Party, Milky-Chan, Dreaming Macaron, BTSSB JSK and Skirt, Wig

Please Read!

1) If you'd like more pictures, just ask!
2) Prices are negotiable, but please be reasonable (All prices are in USD)
3) Buyers are responsible for paypal fees
4) I am NOT responsible for lost/stolen parcels if you:
                      a) Do not request tracking
                      b) Do not want your parcel insured
5) I will only do payment plans or holds if
                      a) no one else is interested
                      b) you have good feedback
                      c) you pay 10% no refundable deposit
6) If multiple people want an item and make a higher offer before I agree to the first person that wanted the item, I will take the higher offer
7) Canada/USA buyers have priority
                      a) I DO NOT ship to Italy

Note: I am NOT currently accepting trades

EGL Feedback

Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Skirt in SAX $200

Hello Lace Information and Stock Picture
Notes: Missing the little pearl danglies with the spoons as received from previous owner

Dreaming Macaron Tote Bag Yellow $85

Jewelery Jelly Mini Hat Lavender $85 NWOT

Hello Lace Information and Stock Photos
Additional Photos 1|2

Milky-Chan Bangle Brown $45 NWT

Hello Lace Information and Stock Photos

Other Brands

Garden Alice Print Babydoll JSK Mint $130

Hello Lace Information and Stock Photos

Alice's Ribbon Kingdom Skirt Sax $125

Hello Lace information and Stock Photos

Curly Pink Wig with 2 Pigtail Falls $50
From: Here

Additional Photos 1 No Flash 2 Flash

Thanks for Looking :)
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, offbrand
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