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DS: low price brand items

Disclaimer: (aka Even if you don't read this, I will still hold you responsible for it. )
- Shipping fees are extra.
Please give me your zip code (US) or country for pricing.
- I only accept payment by Paypal (cards okay) and hold items for 2 days.
- I don't smoke and I don't have any pets.
- Buyers are all first come (invoice request) first serve. I reserve the right to refuse previous bad buyers.
- All clothing/goods are clean (either unused or washed)
EGL Feedback page
- After sale notice: this page will be constantly updated with status of each item.


1. Metamorphose: Old Emblem series JSK
- cream colored
- all three bows on dress are removable and can be coordinated however you like
- great for casual loli wear or fancy dress-ups
- back is partially shirred with lace-up ribbon
- bust: 34.5" (88cm) - 37" (94cm)
- waist: 27.5" (70cm) - 30.5" (78cm)
- total length: 36" (91cm)
- condition: very good, no stains

2. Jane Marple: Antique Book series coat 
- black colored
- made of high quality printed velveteen
- originally priced at $400+
- bust: 38" (96cm)
- waist: 34" (87cm)
- total length: 39" (99cm)
- condition: like new

3. Gouk long black coat
- made of thick cotton, a fall/spring light coat
- unique 2 layers
- bottom layer has 2 zippers, can be unzipped from both ends
- bust/waist: 39.5" (100cm)
- waist: 38.5" (98cm)
- total length: 46" (117cm)
- condition: excellent, no damages
Tags: !ds, jane marple, metamorphose
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