indelible_scars (indelible_scars) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: AP trump skirt or salopette in black

Here are
my feedbacks (mainly from Ebay)

I haven’t had any luck with my WTB posts lately, but who knows, this could be the lucky one.

I put my eyes on this skirt on a sale post, but by the time I realized how much I liked it it was already sold.

So now I’m looking for this skirt in BLACK or its salopette version, but that would be my second choice.

According to Hello lace, the name is "Striped switching playing cards", but it's commonly referred to simply as "Trump skirt".

Older WTBs include: AP mode girl cutsew, Meta heart leopard frill skirt in grey, AATP Sleeping beauty, Midsummer's night dream, Vampire requiem.
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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