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DS: Small closet cleaning all off brand $20 and under


Hello. Here is a link to my Feedback page, currently empty, but I hope for that to change soon! :]

All prices include shipping. I only accept paypal

Please help me find a home for these things that I love but never wear.


Forever21 blouse $20 shipped
Size M
White fabric is a bit sheer, as all main-stream clothing seems to be, but never the less still very cute! Only worn once or twice.

Charlotte Russe blouse $20 shipped
Size M
In desperate need of a good ironing, something that I don't have, hence after wearing and washing it once, I wasn't able to wear unless I were to drive all the way out to my parents house to borrow their iron and ironing board :/ Also a bit sheer, but is fine with an undershirt, or looks adorable under a dress :]

Pink leopard print cardi $20 shipped
size M
tried on once, but never left my bedroom. Is more of a hot pink color irl.

Forever21 headbow $5 shipped
worn a few times. in good condition. Made out of what appears to be some sort of cotton fabric. It is not made of the shiny material they normaly use for headbows.

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