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DS: Parasol paranoia! 15 (for now) Moschino umbrellas; ITS skirt, some socks

A couple of things first
All parasols ship domestically for $5 via USPS Priority Mail. International shipping is variable. I can also add tracking upon request.
• Local buyers in the five boros are also welcome to arrange for in-person pickup/exchange.
• I accept regular and CC paypal, and paypal e-checks. To echo the previous statement, buyers in the five boros can also arrange to pay cash or check in person. In the case of checks and e-checks, the item does not ship until the payment clears.
• My feedback page is here!
• I have nosy cats in my home. I have, to my knowledge, kept them 100% away from everything I intend to sell, but if you get a couple gratis cat hairs, here's my apology up front.


Sob story time (THAT YOU MAY EASILY SKIP)! Essentially, I have a weakness for accessories. Shoes? Check. Purses? Check and a half. But for some reason, umbrellas and parasols are my biggest weakness, and thanks to losing my very first brand parasol (years ago) in my own apartment somehow, I'm also now always paranoid they'll get lost or destroyed in some way, so not only do I buy a ton of umbrellas and parasols, but I buy... spares. I'm coming to terms with what a dumb financial move this is, though I probably won't stop for a while yet, but I can at least try to push some of these "spares" out of my home. Please give them a better home! :C

I should also point out that I ended up choosing Moschino over brand parasols I've had (admittedly, only MAM and AP) because they're bigger, stronger, and the prints are 100% rain proof. All the ones I've got here are NWT, also, and they all come with matching slipcover things with straps, so you can, I dunno, wear your parasol like a rifle if you've got your hands full and no reason to have it open. And the handle is cute.

Moschino Tic Tac Toe, $75
I've got 3 of these.

Moschino pink hearts on black, $75
I've got 2 of these.

Moschino roses, cream, $70
I've got 4 of these.

Moschino roses, black, $70
I've also got 4 of these.

Moschino Olive Oyl silhouette, pink hearts, $75
Just 1 for now.

Moschino Olive Oyl silhouette, red hearts, $75
Just 1 for now.


Striped Harajuku OTK socks, $9

I have no idea where these came from. I do know they have never been worn. They stretch about as well as the above socks, maybe a little bit more, and they're definitely of a relatively good, medium thickness.

In the Starlight white 3-tier ruffle skirt, $30 $24

(Has DEFINITELY seem more steaming since this photo.) Pretty simple white skirt, meant as a "replica without lace" of a super-basic Baby skirt back in the day. No pictures of it worn that I can find in my own albums, but if your hips cannot lie, the way mine were when I wore a corset, it really does make for a great petticoat.
Waist: 27"-31" MAX
Length: 20"

Thanks for looking! ♥
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