Astral Romance (moidixmiss) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Astral Romance

DS: handmade hair accessories. Everything is only 10 Euro or less!

I'd like to sell a few handmade hair accessories. Everything is made by me. I hope you are interested in it^_^

My feedback is here:

*I use PayPal
*I don't ask for PayPal fees
*Shipping from Lithuania (Eastern Europe)
*I ship worldwide
*Prices don't include shipping
*Prices are in Euro
*Shipping costs 3.5 Euro to Europe, 5.5 Euro to everywhere else, if you want to get a tracking number, you should pay 2.5 Euro more
*I am not responsible if the item is lost or damaged during shipping.
*I ship to the first person who leaves a PayPal address.
*You can pay within 48 hours
*When i get the money, i ship the item during 48 hours
*Some of the items are available in different colors, just ask me and give me a few days to make it! ^_^

If you have questions or want to see more pics of the item you want to get, feel free to ask!


10 Euro+shipping fees. Available in different colors, just ask me and i'll be happy to make it!


10 Euro+shipping fees


10 Euro+shipping fees



10 EURO +shipping fees. Available in different colors+making time


9 EURO+shipping fees


Soon will be more! Thanks for your interest^_^'

Tags: !ds, handmade
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