ladysparrowxv (ladysparrowxv) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Meta Old Emblem LP JSK in Black

 I am looking for the lucky-pack style Old Emblem JSK in the black color. 

Here are two pics for reference (not in the desired color)

the above photo belongs to tbeanax 

(PLEASE NOTE: These are not my photos, I do not remember where I found them they are simply saved in my dream-dress folder. If these are your photos and you'd like them removed/credit added please message me.)

And here is Meta's stock photo of the color I am searching for. 

If you make an offer please be sure to post a link to your feed back and be aware that I WILL NOT buy from you if you cannot provide proof pictures. 

My Feedback

Also, I have the black skirt as well as the white OTK socks from a LP of my own. I'd be willing to trade these plus money for your JSK. :)


Tags: !wtb
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