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DT: Moi-meme-Moitie Lace Cross JSK

Stock Photo:

I would like to trade my Moitie Lace Cross JSK for only another Moitie JSK or Skirt or Aatp Jsk in black/navy or red. I will take a look at everything but I prefer items with lace or prints. If it is a rare print I will do a partial trade.

Bought new from cd Japan for 33000 yen which was approx $350 USD at that time. Worn twice, in great condition with two minor serging flaws which are pictured below in the photographs. The flaws were there when I received the item.

I am not interested in selling it right now, unless I get a good offer.

Turtwig is my proof:


Front Detail:

Back: Dress is only adjustable to go smaller not larger, there is no shirring.

Back Detail:

Two areas where the serging is pulled:

Amateur measurements: This dress seems to be a little smaller than other Moitie Jsks when I compare them to the others I own.
Bust: 32in
Under bust: Best for someone who is 26 in or less.
Waist: 25inches, can go to 26in but it may be snug.


My feedback is here:
I have a smoke free home and I own two small birds who mostly stay in their cage and are completely away from my lolita clothes.

Thank you very much!
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