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DS/DT: btssb, etc and much more

So I have a $250 (max) budget to finally get one of my dream peices! Here are some of them and the rest are here. I know that most are probably out of my budget but if you have one that is used or for some reason or another falls in this priceing let me know! Also If it is around $300 I could pay the $250 know and then the rest at the end of the month when I get paid so just let me see what you have!!! I'm really excited to final get one of my dream dresses!
I am around 34" bust and a 24-25" waist so keep those measurements in mind!
Also I am in SF so if you want to meet up to save on shipping etc let me know!  I found one! Dont have a budject for another dream dress right now but I have the jsk bellow for sale or trade still!

Feedback here:

I also have this dress (pictured above) I am still trying to trade/sell. It has only been worn once but is two big in the bust for me :(
I would sell it for $130 shipped or if your interested use it as a partial trade for $120. This dress is truly beautiful but has very specific measurements because it does not have shirring so if interested please ask me.
**If you would like to buy this the sellar takes paypal fees **tracking costs extra**no refunds and I am not responsible once it is shipped off.

Only in this style and only in yellow

Only in this color and in this jsk or skirt!

Any color! I would like to see a picture of this worn first though because I'm worried about the fit.

Only interested in this in mint in the jsk!

I would really like it in this style in black but show me what you have

Id LOVE the op with the capllet but I know with my budjet and all I would like the jsk in white or red! Actually even the skirt would be good because this is my ultimate dream item XD

Any colors prefurably jsk in white!

I WANT THIS SO BAD! Basically anything with jam jars show me but Im most interested in the skirt over the op or jsk.
Prefurably the op in white but show my your white and black op/jsks!
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute
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