COURT-NEE (bijoujou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Closet Cleaning! Partial/full!DT Meta, Bodyline, and Innocent World! 20% reductions!

Hello! More closet cleaning! I'm trying to adopt a more simpiler "hip" lolita style, plus I have some bills to take are of (expect to see me in a new scooter!) So i'm selling some of my super sweet things! Take take take!
Everythin includes shipping to US. Going to the P.O. tomorrow so get it now! International, please inquire!

First up is Fairy Trump (fairys playing cards? I've heard both!) skirt. It would be best for someone with a 27"~31" waist, but can definatly go lower with waist ties! The little dangly heard thing is removable! 100USD

Next up is Romantica Train in pink! It's SO cute, i'm surprised I never see it! It's best for 27"~100" (yay for full shirred!) I would like to trade this with the green or sell it for 60USD

Now we go on to my favorite! I'm sad I have to sell it, but I think the skirt will suit me more (one day!) The bodice is fully shirred, so it'll go to 100"~beyond. Perfect for plus sized girls! Comes with the matching head bow!
200usd OBO

Now onto some bodyline. Fully shirred, so up to 100", with some wiggle room. Really cute coorded with black. Also, brand new with tags!

Now onto my !DT. I want to partially trade this guy (Rose trump in olive) for the skirt (in either olive or blue) and get 50 usd back (we can negotiate, of course!)
OR OR OR OR OR A full trade for the Mary Magdalene Fleur OP
(pic I stole....sorry!)
any color as long as it's the floral

If you want to buy it, make an offer through PM! Don't comment on here, because it'll clog up my posts!

(PS, dont worry! Carpet is clean!)
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, innocent world, metamorphose
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