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DS,DT Closet Cleaning, a bit of brand, left over chocomint accessories, and bit of offbrand

Rules of engagement, 
  • I only accept Paypal
  • Prices do NOT include shipping or fees
  • Everything is OBO, but please be reasonable
  • I will try to ship out as soon as possible
  • I ship internationally, but is it expensive so be warned
  • All dresses have been professionally dry cleaned.
  • Link to feedback

On to the fun stuff



Description: PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TULLE ON ONE OF THE ARMS IS DAMAGED. Besides that, it is in great condition. I got it used, and have worn it twice. It doesn't look that great on me and I don't wear it often so I've got to let it go. :(
Measurements:90cm length, 84~94cm bust, 74~84cm waist
Link to hello lace
Price: 70 USD


Description: I got this Aatp skirt from CC, and have worn it twice. It only came with 1 bow :(. It is great condition.
Measurements: 60cm length, 61~70cm waist
Link to hello lace
Price: 110 USD

Metamorphose Summer 2010 Black LP Dress and Hair combs - SOLD

Description: I got this in a trade. She got my burgundy version and neither had been tried on at the time of the trade. It has only worn it twice. It is in excellent condition.
Measurements: Standard Meta fully shirred jsk
Price: 130 USD 

Shoes and Purses

Dream of lolita Star Purse - SOLD

Description: Worn once briefly, in great condition.
Price: 25 USD

SS Tea Parties in White - SOLD

Description: Worn once, bought new. A couple of small scratches and a small stain. 
Measurements: L, 24.5
Price: 48 USD

Black Montreal RHS - SOLD

Description: A few small scratches, Great condition. Worn once, bought new.
Measurements: M 23.5
Price: 40 USD

Chocomint Accessories
All are leftover from a couple of LPs I got. All are unworn and unused.

1.) The black pin is gone, but the set of 4 (2 pink, 2 lavender) are 3.00 USD - SOLD
2.) The Black and Pink Head bow is 12 USD

3.) The Fussy hair tie is 5 USD
4.) Pink pearl candy bracelet is 8 USD - SOLD
5.) Blue pearl candy bracelet is 8 USD - SOLD

6.) Pink and Yellow bracelet  6 USD 
7.) Blue and Yellow bracelet 6 USD
8.) Green Ice cream phone strap 3 USD
9.) Small donut keychain  2 USD
10.) Large donut keychain 3.50 USD - SOLD

11.) Donut cellphone strap 4 USD  - SOLD
12.)Light pink clip 2 dollars - SOLD
13.)Dark pink clip 2 dollars
14.)Light pink clip 2 dollars - SOLD


proof of ownage
I have Btssb Cirus tutu skirt and head bow in Navy. In great condition. I want to trade for
Btssb Mary Antonio in Navy,
Aatp Red Alice Beardsley JSK,
 but I'm open to classic and Aatp items. I understand that some on the thing I asked for are more expensive, so I'w willing to pay more 
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint, metamorphose, montreal, offbrand, secret shop
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