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DS: Cheapest Hair Bows! New and returning items!

Hey guys! Zammap is back with more cute stuff for the budget Lolita!

Etsy Feed back 100% pos.


Click anytime on image to link to sale page!
First new at Zammap's Pretty little things are these frosty Royal Blue Bows. They are rather small, largest runs 3.5 inches length! Price range .75 cents to $1 !!!

I also have a new gothic bow. It's small and so dark! It's cute!

I also have a sneak peek at the new rings I will have.

Chocolate Biscuit!

Next we have the return of my most popular Gray and Black Net Bow! Only 5 in stock though!

It also comes in a new colour! It's a Pale Blue with Green Lining.

With one new style

More to come soon! As well as re-uploads of old stuff.

Zammap's Pretty little Things
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