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DS/DT: Bodyline Sailor top+ Offbrand Sailor blouse

~ Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1051770.html
~ Asking price does not include shipping (PM for quote)
~ I will ship the same day payment is received or the next day the post office is open
~ I ship from Kanazawa, Japan
~ I take paypal only. Paypal fees, if incurred, are the responsibility of the buyer
~ Trades: Skirts, cardigans, blouses, wigs, accessories, any style except sweet. I'm particularly interested in a BlackxBlack blouse, a plain black skirt, a black petticoat, or matching headbow/socks for AATP Tarot Card print in red. Brand, offbrand, and handmade welcome!

I got these recently in an order from Alice Fururun but they are not my style so I'd like them to go to a better home!

TRADED Item 1: Bodyline White Sailor Top
Size: Standard Bodyline size. I fit Bodyline size M and fit this as well, except the sleeves are too tight. I have 27.5 cm circumference biceps if that helps.
Condition: Great. I bought it secondhand but there are no apparent stains or signs of wear.
Other: It is pretty short and hits just where my ribcage ends. It zips up in the front has button snaps at the top. The material is a type of polyester I think, and is a bit see-through, so I wouldn't wear this over anything dark. The white lace is cotton.
Asking price: $15
Worn (just over my floral print cami; you can see it's a bit see-through):

Item 2: Offbrand Black Sailor Blouse
Size: M
Condition: Good. Bought second hand and the only thing that seems off is the satin ribbon tie and decoration, which seems to have dulled from age/storage.
Other: Made of polyester/cotton blend. There is no tag indicating the maker, but it's right alongside Bodyline quality-wise. A very nice blouse, it's just not quite my style. I'd happily trade this for another blouse in black or a black skirt.
Asking price: $20
Worn (again over cami):

I also have some AATP Kodona items up for sale here:
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