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DS: Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Secret Shop, and Chocomint

Please read the rules carefully before purchasing. Thank you ~

My feedback is here
The items come from a non-smoking home
I do have a cat at home but I will lint roll the items before sending them out

Priority goes to the first person who responds and states their paypal address
Sorry no holds or payment plans
I take only Paypal
I am not interested in trades
All sales are final; no returns or exchanges

Prices do not include shipping. Please inquire for a price quote
I will try to ship with USPS Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation unless the customer asks for a cheaper shipping option
I am not responsible if the parcel is lost or damaged
If you want insurance,  please specify
I will send the items out after 3-4 days of payment

   DSC01048.jpg image by fourxandxsix  DSC00999.jpg image by fourxandxsix
Angelic Pretty Cherry Bunny Special Set in Pink $220
Condition - New (with tags on jsk and silver clips on socks)
I briefly tried on the jsk. The socks and hair bow has not been tried on
Measurements - Waist 32~36cm  
Bust 40~44cm
Length 86cm
  DSC01042.jpg image by fourxandxsix
Angelic Pretty Black & Pink Jsk $189 SOLD
Condition - Bought used on Closet child . Worn once
Measurements - Waist 33~36cm
Bust 39~41cm
Length 83cm

Angelic Pretty Dusty Pink Stripe Jsk $169
Condition - Bought used on Mbok . Only tried on
Measurements - There is no partial shirring on this jsk
Waist 31cm
Bust 86cm
Length 87cm

Angelic Pretty Red & Pink Polkadot One Piece $159
Condition - Bought used from the comm. Worn Once
Measurements - Waist 31~36cm
Bust 36~41
Length 87cm

 DSC00984.jpg image by fourxandxsix DSC01001.jpg image by fourxandxsix
Angelic Pretty Sax Miracle Candy Skirt $149
Condition - Bought used on Mbok with some damages. There is a little damage on the waist where I guess the previous owner tried to put the detachable bow in. 
 Worn briefly for a fashion show
Measurements - Waist 27~35 cm
Length 50 cm

DSC01027.jpg image by fourxandxsix   DSC01032.jpg image by fourxandxsix DSC01031.jpg image by fourxandxsix
Angelic Pretty Red Cutsaw $69
Condition - Bought used on Tokyo Alice with some damages. There is a little stain underneath the collar and some pilling on the fabric. Worn once
Measurements - The fabric is made out of stretchy cutsew material
Shoulder 36cm~
Bust 33cm~
Length 52cm~
Arm length 60cm~
Metamorphose Happy Cake Drawstring Bag $15
Condition - New ( with tags)

Chocomint fluffly bow hairpin/broach $8
Condition - New

Please note that the shoes will be shipped in a regular box not a Secret Shop box because the orginial seller did not send them to me with the Secret Shop box (just plastic wrapping). 
Red Secret Shop Shoes $55
Condition - New ( only tried on )
Size -  23~23.5 cm / M / USA size 7~71/2

DSC01006.jpg image by fourxandxsix 
Sax (Light Blue) Secret shop Shoes $55  SOLD
Condition - New ( only tried on )
Size - 24~24.5 cm / L / USA size 8~81/2

 DSC01022.jpg image by fourxandxsix
Pink Secret shop Shoes $45 SOLD
Condition - Worn twice
Size - 24~24.5 cm / L / USA size 8~81/2

Thank you for looking !~
Mods if I did anything wrong please let me know, I haven't made a sales post in a long time :)


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