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ds/dt: Beauty and the Rose Promise High-waisted Skirt in Blue and more...

+I DO own both a cat and a dog. They are not allowed in my room/where the clothes are kept, but I think this would be best to mention.
+all items come from a non-smoking home.
+my feedback page is: here
+PayPal only
+All prices are in USD
+I ship from the US
+I prefer to ship to America, and American customers will take priority. I do and have shipped internationally, but please be aware that shipping will be extra. I will ONLY ship a package internationally with tracking, which again will cost extra. Please inquire for prices.
+The person who offers the most money has priority. If more than one person offers the same price, than both parties will be given a chance to bid; otherwise, the person who leaves/PMs me their PayPal address first has priority

All of these items are for also sale

Angelic Pretty White Long-Sleeved Cutsew

Mint condition, only tried on and washed by me. A little bit big on my 34" bust, 27" waist. VERY stretchy material. Should probably fit around a 36" bust, maybe a 30" waist. Slightly short, would look good over or under a long-waisted skirt. If you have long arms the sleeves may not reach to your wrists.

Metamorphose Hoodie

print close-up:

Adorable hoodie bought off ebay. Looks to be mint condition. Never worn by me. Thin material, would look good over a skirt or JSK. Again, cut slightly short. Should fit around a 35-36" bust, 29 to possibly 30" waist. VERY stretchy. Also, if you have long arms the sleeves may not reach to your wrists.

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