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I have 100% positive feedback on eglfeedback here:

Items must be suitable for someone:
  • 5ft 2
  • 32" bust
  • 24" waist
  • 32" hips
Colours I'd prefer:
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Navy
  • White (definitely no cream or off-white please! this is important!)
Items I require:
  • Pretty much everything apart from shoes, socks, braces, top hat and a blouse.

I need to get a kodona outfit together asap for a photo shoot; the studio thankfully isn't booked yet so I have the flexibility of maybe two to three weeks thanks to a patient photographer. I'm probably not going to keep the outfit after the shoot so I am open to off-brand or even handmade items - please note: I will NOT commission anything. I'd prefer to buy from within the UK as it's much quicker to ship items but if you have something really nice and I think it's worth it, I'll pay extra to have it shipped over quickly.

I really am on a tight budget just now so nothing expensive, I'm looking for something fairly cheap that will photograph decently (on that note; nothing made of polyester or satin please; the photographer has already specified this!) Please don't be offended if I'm not interested in what you are selling; I'm looking in several other areas just now to buy and something may come up!

(Also, the same photographer has asked me to do several other shoots involving Japanese fashion and even though this is not related directly to lolita, it would save time if anyone selling kodona items who also had any mori-girl or gyaru wear to sell could let me know. I already have a wardrobe fairly full of appropriate items but it would be nice to take along a few extra things too).

Apart from that, please show me what you have! :D
Tags: !wtb, offbrand
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