Kat B. (xvmorganalefayv) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kat B.

!WTB, !WTC bloomers

Hello all, I am going to an event and my costume has been delayed (the commissioner has been...irresponsible). As a result, I am looking for a pair of blue (any shade, darker is better) bloomers. They should fit a 35-inch waist and 40-inch hips. I do not need burando or even anything fancy, as I plan to embellish them in a steampunk style (they are to be worn as outerwear, not under a skirt).

My price range is under $30 if at all possible--I am negotiable above that, but it's tight right now. I need them before Valentine's Day (February 14th or thereabouts).

If I am missing anything in this post, please alert me! I re-read the rules but my coffee has yet to kick in. :)

Link to my feedback!

Thank you for reading!
Tags: !wtb, !wtc, handmade, offbrand
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