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DS/DT; Closet Cleaning

I’m just selling a few things I don’t wear anymore ☺

- First to leave paypal/inquire about shipping will get the item
- I keep everything in good condition so everything is in good condition unless marked otherwise.
- Insurance goes up to £40, if you need more insurance on postage then let me know!

Feedback; http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/377405.html
Sorry for the bad pictures, I have included stock pictures where I can so you can see the item more clearly!

I am willing to trade for the following items (and pay extra where needed!)
Jewellery Jelly items
Wonder Cookie Sax Headbow
Blue or lilac shoes
White Petticoat
Sax Wristcuffs
Sax Headbow
Sax, pink and white knee length socks

My Oshawott is my proof;

Bodyline Bag SOLD

Proof; http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/pinkieh77/Photo468.jpg

I used this for college once, then ended up buying the bag below.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Bag


I brought this at Hyper Japan for £40 and used it regularly for college, so there are a few scuffs which I have tried to photograph. I brought a new bag for college ;D It is waterproof with a spotted lining and a pocket inside. It’s very cute and can carry a phone, large purse, makeup and keys with room to spare.

HMHM Velvet Chandelier Navy Jumperskirt SOLD

NOTE: My version is navy blue and without the headbow

Proof; http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/pinkieh77/Photo463.jpg

Not really sure how to price this! I brought it for £40 originally and have worn it several times. It is still in fantastic condition though.
Had it bespoke for 27 inch waist and 36 inch bust. I think it will go a couple of inches higher/lower than this.
Packaging will be more expensive as it is a heavy dress.

Black DollCrops Petticoat SOLD

Proof; http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/pinkieh77/Photo477.jpg

A medium poofiness a-line petticoat. It is created with a lot of layers fabric so won’t loose its fluff, there is also a layer of rose fabric underneath.

BtSSB 2010 Calender

I got this as a gift from a webstore, someone suggested I could use the pictures in it for a scrapbook but I do so many scrapbooks for college work that I won’t use them. Someone else might want to though :)

White Ruffled Bloomers

Note: they are the white ones

Proof; http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/pinkieh77/Photo474.jpg
I’ve decided I prefer plain bloomers so am selling these! Should fit up to 31 inch waist.

Pink ponytail falls

I recently dyed my hair back blonde to get a ‘proper’ job that won’t allow pink hair so I have to sell these. They have large clips to attach them to a wig/hair and are about 12cms long. I didn’t style them but you can style them with backcombing to make them like the Maki puffy pigtails :)


Thanks for looking!

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