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AP Mode Girl Halter Set, Red AP JSK, Black AP JSK, Anna House coat/skirt, Brand blouses & Meta JSk!

I am leaving lolita because I really never want to wear it anymore. Have not worn anything in a year or so, now I am selling pretty much the entire wardrobe.

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  • I only take Paypal.

  • All items have been dry cleaned.

  • Items will be shipped after payment has cleared through Paypal.

  • Shipping in the U.S. is $8.95. Will be sent USPS Flat Rate Priority with Delivery Confirmation. I add Delivery Confirmation for free, and ask me if you want insurance.

  • Shipping outside of the U.S. is $20-25 approximately depending on where you live, sent EMS. Leave a comment with your location asking for a quote if you want a more precise shipping quote.

  • Asking for details on an item is not a guarantee to the item. You must state that you want the item in your comment and Paypal information for me to send you an invoice for the item to be yours.

AaTP White Blouse Front
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Back of blouse
Alice and the Pirates Blouse
Bust: 34"
Length from Shoulder to Hem: 22"
Length of Sleeves From Shoulder: 25"
Condition: New without tags, bought off mbok. Never worn by me.
Price: $45

Metamorphose LP 07 JSK
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Meta Lucky Pack 06 JSK Black
Bust: Up to 34-35". Fully shirred, hard to tell
Waist: Free
Length: 34"
Condition: Gently used by me and previous owner.
Price: $80

Algonquins Blouse
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Alqonquins Blouse
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Algonquins Blouse
Bust: 18"
Sleeves: 23"
Length: 21"
Condition: Very gently used. Previous owner probably washed it by hand rather than dry clean. I have dry cleaned it and pressed it and it is still lovely but it used. Probably needs a good starching.
Price: $25

Anna House BW Skirt
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Stock Photo
Anna House BW Skirt
Waist: 20"
Length: 17" to fabric 18" with lace trim
Condition: Worn twice by me maybe. Dry cleaned, still stiff, colors bright and pretty. The bows in front are not pictured cuz I am dumb and took a picture of the back only. They're still there.

Anna House Red Coat Dress
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Stock photo
Anna House Coat Dress
Bust: 18"
Length: 37"
Sleeve: 23" to end of sleeve, 26" plus flared cuff
Condition: Worn once by me, like new, but I have removed about 5-6 bows from it. It had a bow on each wrist, several places along the wrong and generally just flopped around a great deal. Not what I wanted from a coat/OP dress. I will send what bows I can find( I have a toddler who runs amuk so some might have been claimed by him) but the price reflects that this dress is de-bowed. Also it is a very light weight coat. It's just corduroy and a thin lining. Fall coat for sure.
Price: $30

Mode Girl Stock Photo
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Angelic Pretty Mode Girl Vest
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Angelic Pretty Mode Girl Skirt
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Skirt Detail
Angelic Pretty Mode Girl Halter/Skirt Set
Waist: 24-25" MAX (if you want to wear this, invest in some ace bandages or a good corset. Jeez.)
Bodice: Laces to accommodate up to 30" waist, 34" bust most likely.
Length of Skirt: 23" with tulle trim
Condition: Like new, worn once by me.

Angelic Pretty BW JSK
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Back of jsk
Angelic Pretty Black White Dropped Waist JSK
Waist: 28" with some shirring for give
Bodice: 16-17" with shirring
Length: 36"
Condition: Gently used. It is an older item so it seems a very slightly yellowed( I am not sure, they might have released it as a winter white item), from 2005-2006 but it has no damage, and I bought it used from mbok last year.

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Lace detail on white white shirt
Angelic Pretty Red White Dropped Waist JSK
Waist: 28" with some shirring for give
Bodice: 16-17" with shirring
Length: 36"
Condition: Like new. The dress has only been dry cleaned by me, and the petticoat is still stiff, and the colors are bright and new. I bought it new with tags from mbok.
Price: $95

I can do holds for only 48 hours. If you pay a deposit on the item, we can negotiate how long I can hold the item. Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, algonquins, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, anna house, metamorphose
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