Haley (haleyhearts) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS /DT : Metamorphose blouse reduced price and shoulder bag!

Hello! enjoy my sales! =)

  • I am looking to ONLY sell the blouse, as i am trying to buy something else, but i am open to trades on the bag.
  • i live with a dog, but she never comes close to my clothes
  • Paypal only.
  • the paypal fees are included in the price
on to the wares!

This is the metamorphose long sleeve georgette frill blouse. it has only been used once but has NO damages =). there's a detachable bow, which is include. it's a gorgeous blouse! it's just too big =(
i want to sell it for $65 plus shipping
measurements: 36 inch bust and 30 inch waist MAX. it has no give whatsoever.
second item!

this a bad pic, but there is large bow on the front. it is covered in sequins and it's beauttiful!
the chain broke, but now i fixed it, and now you can't even tell =)
it's 6 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and the chain is 46 inches long.
i would like to sell it for $15 plus shipping, but i am also open to trades =)

thanks for looking!

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