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!DS/DT:SOLD THANKS! !WTB:MidsumerNight JSK II+MemorialCake OP/JSK

Hello Lovely Community!

To get things started here is my feedback:

Payment Info
Prices are in US dollars. They DO NOT include shipping.
I expect buyer to pay for HALF pp fees.
I accept holds for a NON REFUNDABLE %20 payment. I will hold your item for 3 weeks, unless we discuss otherwise.
I accept payment plans. I ask that you are able to pay for at least %30 on the first payment, unless we discuss otherwise, which will be non-refundable. If you backout after committing to a payment plan, then I will leave negative feedback :( I have had bad experiences with payment plans before, so please don't take it personally.

Shipping Info  
I live in California, US.
Once I ship an item it is no longer in my control, therefore, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. However, if damage was due to poor packaging, then something can be arranged.
I ship internationally.
Please understand that as a busy College student I can only ship on MONDAY and FRIDAY AFTERNOONS

Trading Info
I love pretty much anything except Pink, Sax, or Mint colorways. I don't mind the colors on the clothing, but when they are completely those colors, they don't suit me.
My measurements are:
Bust: 34in
Waist: 31in

This Tokidoki Planner will be my proof.

Red Usakyuma Stylish Sweettime JSK Size L

$145  $100  SOLD to selfdestructful 
I paid $155 for this so I think that the price is reasonable, considering the condition is no different from when purchased. I am open to offers but please keep this in mind. I lowered the price to $100 because I really just want to give this a new home and I need the money. There is nothing wrong with the dress. You are welcome to make offers but please be reasonable, I've already lowered it.

I believe I am the second owner. I purchased it new and tried on from another user and I have since tried it on a couple times but have never worn it out. I'm selling it because it doesn't suit me as I thought and the bust is too big on me. Comes with waist ties. I do NOT have a picture of this worn.

Measurements:  (Please be aware that these are amateur measurements)
MAX Bust 40 in
MAX Waist 33 in

Second picture is more true to color.

Midsummer Nights Dream JSK II

Any color. This is my dream dress right now! I've seemed to repeatedly miss it when it pops up on the comm. Please only the II version. I don't like the style of the I version and I don't think it fits me. If you would like to partial trade with the above dress please let me know :)


AP Memorial Cake (OP or JSK)

Black or White Only Please!
I would prefer the OP but the JSK would be great too! I only have a picture of the frill chest version of the JSK but please show me what you have.If you would like to partial trade with the above dress please let me know :)

You are of course welcome to ask questions. I generally check LJ once a day in the evenings or afternoon. Thank you for your patience!  

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