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WTB OTK Socks. DS: Excentrique, Timeless Trends, Kinki Kitty, Secret Shop, BtssB, Swimmer, and MORE!

1) Items being shipped from the USA. Prices are in USD.
2) Paypal preferred 
4) I reserve the right to not sell to those who have negative or no feedback. 
5)Feedback found on ebay under elerronyar29 (feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll), and etsy under elerronyar (www.etsy.com/people/elerronyar/feedback)
Also now available at my personal journal!elerronyar.livejournal.com/188997.html
And yet again available on the new feedback site- http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/189741.html
Paradise Rose specific feedback can be found at etsy and this lj post- pararoseshop.livejournal.com/942.html
6)**Please note*no haggling on shipping please....* 

-I've looked over all pieces to make sure that they don't have any visible stains. So please buy with assurance :D

Shipping is included in price for MOST items FOR WITHIN THE USA.
INTERNATIONAL- Paradise Rose items I will be shipping via First Class International USPS mail. Tracking/insurance is significantly more- please request for such items.
New as of November 2010- clothing items will ONLY be shipped Priority Mail International outside of the states.
I will ship via EMS ONLY to Italy.
Items are coming from Chicago, IL, USA.
Shipping usually is via airmail/first class- please note this is not tracked or insured. Please request if you want tracking or insurance as it will be extra.

To give an idea on pricing FOR SMALL ITEMS- shipping within the US for a few small items is $2-$3.
Shipping internationally usually hits $5-$9.

I will ship within 10 days of purchase, no later.

Combined shipping available. AND encouraged! So please check out my other posts for more items, as well as flickr links and such provided.

PLEASE fill out a form!

Preference for shipping (tracking? insurance?): 

***THIS will allow me to give you exact pricing on shipping right away AND ENSURES YOUR SPOT IN LINE :D ***
Please fill out this form even if you are unsure/have a question- as priority goes to those who fill out the form.

Layaway/payment plans is acceptable!
Please note I can deny layaway if you do not have feedback, so please provide feedback.
I require a 20% nonrefundable deposit. I also request that buyer is responsible f
or handling fees unless you are paying with a paypal balance/personal payment.


First my WTB-
I'm looking to buy OTK ONLY socks from ONLY these brands-
Angelic Pretty
Innocent World

I prefer black, brown, and cream however I will look at any other colors too.

And now to sales!

Excentrique Cream Corset
This particular corset will fit larger sizes. Bought at the Excentrique store 3 years ago in Japan.
Worn just once over blouse/skirt for coordinate. Ended up never using it again and so it sat in my closet.
EXCELLENT condition
Size 4 laces up in back, snaps in front It is like this one but cream colored- excentrique.shop7.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/002000000004/brandname/
Please see sizing here- excentrique.shop7.makeshop.jp/  and click on Size Choice at the Left.
From the excentrique site, all cms-
-bust 86-97
waist 62-72
front length- 35.6

$150 + shipping

Timeless Trends White Corset

Never worn, just sat in the closet :/
Timeless trends size 26
Labeled as White Silk Floral Brocade solid www.timeless-trends.com/ProductDetail.jsp
Taking a large loss (corsets sell at $99 + shipping)
$80 + shipping


Swimmer Strawberry Bloomers
 New, never worn, still with tag
waist- unstretched, flat 10". stretched, flat 22"
leg opening- un-stretched- flat 7". stretched- flat 11"
$11 + shipping

Swimmer Heart bloomers
New, never worn, with tag.
Waist- unstretched, flat 10.5". stretched, flat 21"
leg opening un-stretched- flat 8" stretched- flat 12"
$11 + shipping

Kinki Kitty Feather Steampunk mini top hat
Made by the awesome
Never worn
Mine has a black ribbon, not brown
More info-
Priced to sell
$35 + shipping
$28 + shipping

20% reduction!

Kinki Kitty Witch Hat
Made by the awesome
Worn once, in excellent condition.
More info-
Priced to sell
$18 + shipping
$14.40 + shipping

20% reduction!


AatP Nightcap
A cute hat/nightcap from AatP that I've owned forever, but it's just been sitting in my drawer. I haven't actually worn this hat ever since I bought it from closet child in Japan.
There is discoloration along the inner brim that one should be able to clean out- I just have not tried. Discoloration was there when I purchased it. Please see pictures for more details. The discoloration CANNOT be seen when worn.

$40 shipped in the US, $48 shipped elsewhere
$33 shipped in the US, $41 shipped elsewhere

20% reduction!


Discoloration 1
Discoloration 2
Inverted, shows tag

An*tai*na black boots
Gorgeous boots, completely new, only tried on.
Ended up being too big for me in the calves
Custom sized- 
41 cm opening for calve, 45cm height- heal
27.5cm size (approx 10.5-11 US)
Original taobao page-
Cost 408 yuan with customization (62 USD)

$60 + shipping
$48 + shipping

20% reduction!

US only please.

Secret Shop Cherry socks
Bought too many socks back in the day that I never use.
Only tried on. Knee high.

$10 + shipping

Secret Shop Bow socks
Bought too many socks back in the day that I never use.
Only tried on. Knee high.

$10 + shipping

Secret Shop Pink floral socks + Fruit socks
Bought too many socks back in the day that I never use.
These I have never tried on. Both are knee high. Both pairs are sold separately.
I do have two other fruit sock pairs as well.

$10 for each pair + shipping

Gouk armwarmers
Used lightly, in great condition.
$30 + shipping
$24 + shipping
pending payment

20% reduction!

Bodyline Carousel print bow
Never used carousel print detachable bow
$10 + shipping
$8 + shipping

20% reduction!

Metamorphose Butterfly charm
Used lightly, in excellent condition
$20 + shipping
$16 + shipping
pending payment

20% reduction!

BtssB hair scrunchie
Picked up at closet child. Never used.
$15 + shipping
$12 + shipping

20% reduction!

BtssB 2010 planner
Adorable planner, never used

$10 shipped in the US, $12 elsewhere

BtssB 2010 calendar

Adorable calendars- one removed from plastic, one still in plastic.
I have 2 available

$10 shipped in the US, $12 elsewhere

Cupcake necklaces, cupcake rings, parfait necklaces, headdresses, cabochon rings, and lucky packs available at my etsy site- www.etsy.com/shop/elerronyar

Swimmer pouches, goodies + IW cutsew 

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