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DS: BTSSB sailor cutsew, AP sk ((price reduced))

-My feedback is here.
-Shipping from NYC, prices include regular shipping within the USA
-International Buyers welcome, just ask about shipping :3 (I like to ship Priority by default, to minimize the risk of damages or lost items, let me know if you'd rather take airmail or whatever.)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright sailor cutsew

Bought it used and worn it maybe 2-3 times. It's in really good condition, no stains, minor pillaging under the arms :3

I'm looking for $50 including shipping~

Angelic Pretty redxwhite polkadot skirt ((PRICE REDUCED))


Very good condition. I had purchased it secondhand, and it has a tiny, light stain on the heart lace from the previous owner. Waist goes to about 28 inches comfortably.

I'm hoping for around 150120 100 70 $60 including shipping :3

Happy shopping!
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