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DS/DT/WTT Chocomint Lucky Pack Leftovers

  sales info 

I ship from the UK!  But will ship internationally~
Do not make me hold forever, if you don't want an item after requesting it, let me know!
I always try to ship stuff ASAP, but because I'm at Uni please understand it may become difficult. I have an estimated dispatch time of 1-4 days.
Paypal only please!

My Feedback is HERE~

I'm looking to sell these items or trade them for other sweet accessories, I like Chocomint but I'll have a look at anything. Also anything Steampunk I'd be interested in. Now onto the sales!

Cute Chocomint gold/pearl bow necklace - $15

Chocomint Pink/Blue Bow Hairband - $7.50

Chocomint Pink Bow (has grip and pin on the back) - $8

Chocomint Red Polka Bag - $10

Chocomint Ice cream sundae charm - $5

That's all, thank you! 
Tags: !ds, !dt, chocomint
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