Savannah the Psycho Faerie (savpixie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Savannah the Psycho Faerie

NEED RENT MONEY! AP Fruits parlor, meta blouse, etc

I need $150 dollars to pay my rent this month. I've never sold an item on the sales comm, because I buy clothes to wear, not to resell.
150 USD+ shipping gets you the entire lot. First pay, first serve. No trades, no holds. I'd prefer to ship flat rate with shipping insurance, but it's your item.

I have a blank feedback page here, but I have feedback on and ebay as a buyer. I am willing to do anything else I can to set your mind at ease about buying from me, such as taking extra photos with timestamps and your username. They'll be cell phone pics, though, because that's what I have handy.

I'm desperate, or I wouldn't be doing this.

For $150, you get:

Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Skirt in mint:

thanks to!

Previous owner had it altered by KKJJ using the waist ties to fit a larger size. Will fit my 38 inch waist and 47 hips, but the elastic looks a little strange in the back. Will probably not fit well on someone with a waist under 30 inches... I'd say a 32-36 would be happiest in this skirt, but the hips and bust really are free! The previous owner, aikazi , has gracefully allowed me to use the first picture. The apron and bows are detachable, so it can also make an adorable skirt!

Paid $150 plus shipping, worn once to the county fair, dry cleaned but you may need to dry clean it again if you have allergies because my home contains cats.

Metamorphose White Blouse with full back shirring:


I bought this off of an auction, only paid $45 because the buttons are loose and there were some light stains. I removed them with stain remover, and took it to a shop to have the button reattached and have it dry cleaned because I was nervous about washing it. It was billed as fitting a 42 inch bust, but does not fit wider shoulders. 40-42 is probably max stretch with shoulders, so this would probably be best for someone with a 38 inch bust or lower.

So that's it. I paid around $195 for these items, but due to necessity I'm selling them for $150. I'll be checking this every hour or two for the next week. Help a loli out and I'll send you some awesome karma!


Tags: *plus size, angelic pretty, metamorphose
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