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DS: AP, Meta and SS Socks, KKJJ Pigtails, Well Made Bow Hairties and Pins


Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal"


Prices include shipping to the US & I always use delivery confirmation and ship within 1-2 days unless otherwise noted. US buyers have priority.
(2) I may do a hold  with a deposit sent as a personal payment, or offer a payment plan. Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.
(3) International Shipping Options: EMS, First Class, Registered mail. If you want it sent first class, there is no tracking, so you need to send a personal payment. I won't be responsible if it doesn't get there. I can show you a copy of the receipt for proof of shipment.
(4). I offer at least 1 hour to send payment. If you have 30+ feedback, you have 6 hours. After this period, if there is another offer, it becomes available to whoever sends payment first.
(5) If I happen to receive a higher offer than what was previously given, I will take it



8 shipped in the US. Milky Chan Knee socks from Secret Shop. These have been worn only once. I have narrow calves, so they won't be stretched out.

32 Shipped. Original price was close to $50 Two hair pieces from Kirakirajenjen. They are dark brown. These are in good condition. I used wig spray to maintain their shine and keep from getting really tangled. They were also stored in the bag they came in. I don't have the clip for one of them and the price reflects the case that you may have to go out and buy another clip to put in. It's easy to put them in there. You just slip it into the drawstring netting and then push the clip's claws through.

20 shipped in the united states. These have never been worn, just tried on. I have narrow calves, so they aren't stretched out.

$10 shipped Bow hair ties/bracelets. I made these myself and am pretty impressed with how neatly they turned out.

Bowtie Pins. $13 shipped each They are clean, sturdy and the ends of the ribbons are sealed to prevent fraying. They are absolutely irresistible, and I kept one for myself.

15 shipped. AP Bow Tie Socks. These haven't been worn, but I did try them on.

AFC: Deco Hair accessories___________________________________________________________

6 shipped, Hair tie/bracelet. This is my own, and I wear it as a bracelet. For a set of two, it would be 12. I can make more if someone wants me to.

Previous sales: Milky Planet Tiered Skirt here Price is negotiable.

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