chandni_sky (chandni_sky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Meta Musical Note Special Set, Solid Black JSK, Twinkle Journey, Baby Gingham Rose

Location: North Carolina
Payment: Paypal
Sizing: 5'4", 34,27,34 (I put this because I purchased a standard size IW dress once, and I LOVE it to death - but it's a little big on me >< So I always have to layer it just right so the straps don't fall off my shoulders ;A; So if you know the sizing of your dress, please share that information with me! : )

I'm looking to purchase any of the dresses/items listed below. :)

  • Muscial Note Special in Red (I'd look at other colors)
  • Solid Black Meta JSK or Black x White
  • My Dream Dress is Twinkle Journey high waisted JSK in Navy, but I don't know if I could afford this. Putting it up here just in case.)
  • Gingham Rose JSK in Green (I already have the Pink OP, so I'm not really looking for any pink in this series)
  • Gingham Rose Accessories to match the above piece or the OP that I have in pink.
  • Friend Usakumya skirt in Black 
  • OR Solid black or Black x White, red
Thank you for looking! 
Tags: !wtb
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