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DS/DT: LOTS of items!! Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Shoes!!

☼ I live in Monterey, California.
☼ Feedback: Click me!
☼ I just got 2 puppies. One is yellow, and one is brown. I keep them away from my clothes, but there may be a couple hairs on some things.
☼Trades get priority on items unless otherwise stated. I'd like to wait 48 hours before selling, just to see what others have to offer!
☼ My measurements are: Bust: ~33inches(84cm), Waist: 26inches(68cm) (depending on if I gorge myself on food >< hahaah!), Hips: 34inches(86cm)
☼ I accept PayPal, but I'm willing to trade for an item I like as well!
☼ I would prefer to ship within the United States only, but I will consider international sales.
☼ I am a student, but will do my best to ship the day I receive payment!
☼ I won't accept refunds unless you're really, really disappointed with the item for some reason.
☼ Shipping is 5dollars in the US, and 13 elsewhere, without tracking. If you would like tracking, please let me know if you would like it for a little extra. :)
☼Feel free to ask questions if you have them!! :)

Bodyline Offwhite Bow Shoes (24.5): $31
They were my first pair, and I didn't really know how to walk in heels.
They aren't too dirty on the bottom, because I only wore them once.

Scuff Left Shoe
Scuff Right Shoe

Pink, Blue, & Yellow Converse NEW $12 SOLD
I bought this from Bodyline as 24cm, but it is too small for my foot with socks (I'm almost exactly 24cm!).
I recommend this for a 23 cm foot or 23 1/2 for comfort. :)
Proof Picture

Offbrand Black Gothic-type Dress $23 OBO (But please be reasonable >__<)
I bought this dress at a secondhand shop (for a lot more money!! discounted for reasons below), and the straps look like they've been altered somehow. As if the previous owner cut off big puffy sleeves or something.
I recommend it for 36-42" bust, but I'm guessing. The mannequin/me have the same bust (33"), and it's WAYYY too big on me. The tummy should be about 30-32 inches or so, maybe a couple inches larger. There's no shirring, but you could easily have a tailor make it smaller if needed.
The skirt goes a couple inches under my knee. I am 5"3. It also has some petticoat-type stuff underneath.
The detailing on the chest is gorgeous. There's jewels all over, and they sparkle in the sunlight!! ^^;
Back of dress
Detail of front (lightened to show detail)

Offbrand Pink Dress: $36
Bust: ~32-36". I am 33"; bust, but tightened the shirring.
Waist: ~27-31" (I'm not exactly sure, but it may stretch more!). It has shirring and lace in the bust/waist, which will help stretch.
Arms: I am not sure of the arm size, but it also has shirring and lacing.
Length: I am 5"4 with Standard(?)-sized legs. The dress (with decent petticoat) goes to 2 inches below my knee.
The zipper is hidden! :)

I blocked out my face because I tried to sell this on eBay, and who knows WHO would be looking at me. @__@)
This is my first Lolita dress. I bought it off of rinnickyrun on eBay for $98, and it ended up not being as high quality as I expected.
I am selling this for $36!! that's almost a $70 discount!!! :)!
I have only worn this once, but have tried it on several times, only to put it back in my closet.

Note: The back looks see through because I am wearing a black tank top underneath (oops!), which makes it look darker than it would be with a white/pink/no tank top under.
Front Worn
Close-up of Bust (hahah ><)

Hot Pink Layered Skirt $9

Short Pink Dress $33 or trade
I bought this dress from forever 21 about a year ago, and I love it. I've never worn it, because my chest it too small ;__;
I recommend a size 34-36bust.
It fits my waist perfectly, which is 27. For your reference, the mannequin's waist in the picture is about 24 inches
I am 5"3, and this dress goes about 4 inches above my knee. Very Winderball-type dress.
I'd like to trade for something casual. Any casual shirts, salopettes, socks, skirts, whatever. Very open about this one :)
Back of dress

Bodyline Flower Skirt (IW Replica?) TRADES ONLY!!
I am interested in trading for any skirts, mostly replicas. ^^
Has partial shirring in the back, but fits my waist very well.
Back of Skirt

Bodyline Beige Blouse (M):SOLD
This is a GORGEOUS blouse! I have only tried it on.
The bow at the neck is detachable.
It is by far my favorite one that I have owned, but I am selling it because it is a bit too tan for my liking.
I want trade this blouse, but will sell it if you'd like.
I am looking for a blouse very similar to this in Pink/offwhite. (Extra points for a bib or bow at the neck!! ^^)
I also am beginning to love cutsews! So, any shirt that would look nice with "casual" lolita is wonderful!! <3

Bodyline White Blouse (M):TRADES/SELL
I have only worn this outside once. This shirt comes with detachable waist-ties in the back.
I would prefer to trade for an off-white/pink blouse with a smaller collar and no bunny ears. :)
Back detail (adorable bunny ears!!)
Back worn

Green Strawberry Socks:
$3. I have worn these several times. There's nothing wrong with them; I just need to get rid of them @___@ I might even give them away free if you buy something.hahah >__<
True to color photo These are stretchy, with watermelon-colored strawberries. ^^!

Trades!! I am very picky, but I'd love to see what you've got! I am looking for Secret Shop tea party shoes in lavender, red, blue, or mint in 24cm! I am willing to buy them from you, but would much rather trade. I am also interested in pink/lavender/blue/black cutsews, or shirts that would work well with casual lolita. Cute overalls/salopettes like in the recent AP Lucky Pack are welcome, too!! <3
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